Cortical surface reconstructions

Structural brain scans can be used to reconstruct the cortical surface of the brain. This process estimates various properties of the brain, such as the thickness of the gray matter or cortical curvature. The example image below shows both hemispheres of an individual brain. For the left hemisphere, the outer ("pial") surface is shown. For the right hemisphere, the white matter surface is shown with a colored overlay indicating the cortical curvature at each surface point.

Reconstructed cortial surfaces meshes and various associated estimates were generated from the T1 and T2-weighted images of each participant using the Freesurfer 5.3 image segmentation and reconstruction pipeline. The complete description of this processing step has been published in:

Hanke et al. (2014). A high-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI dataset from complex natural stimulation with an audio movie. Scientific Data, 1.
Surface rendering example

Usage: Left-click and drag to rotate the view, middle-click to pan, and right-click (or scroll) to zoom in and out.