Movie structure annotations

A movie is a highly engineered stimulus that primarily consists of scenes (parts of the plot that take places at a consecutive segment of space and time) and shots (uninterrupted observation of events by the camera). The sequence and particular composition of these two elements convey a lot of information that is critical for story comprehension and helps the viewer (or listener) orient themselves in the world of the movie.

Here we collect information on the movie structure. All published annotations are available in a repository on GitHub where a dedicated README describes the content and format of all files.

Movie scenes

Start and end times for all scenes in the cut of the movie that is used as the stimulus. In addition, each annotation contains whether a scene takes place indoors or outdoors.

Movie shots

Temporal location of all cuts in the movie (only applicable to visual stimulation). Cuts were initially detected using an automated procedure and were then later curated by hand.