Speech annotation

In a movie, speech not only conveys abstract information, but also provides insight into the emotional state of the speaker. Additionally, in our audio-movie stimulus, almost all information about the story — including the visual appearance — is communicated via speech.

Here we collect information on the speech content of the movie. All published annotations are available in a repository on GitHub where a dedicated README describes the content and format of all files.

Audio-description transcript

Any content of the audio-movie stimulus that cannot be inferred from the regular DVD release is provided as an annotation. This is the transcript of the additional voice-over narrator that describes the visual content of the movie.

Dialog transcript

A complete transcript of the dialog in the movie (for the English original as well as the German dubbing) has been created. It is currently being validated and will be made available shortly. Please contact info@studyforrest.org if you are interested in getting early access.